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what we do

We deeply understand and respect the rules and the changing nature of social media, and we seize the importance that will only grow in the future. We create specialized, unique strategies for brands, engaging fans, and gaining new ones. Because brands can be cool on social media if the channels are managed properly. Let us grow your business by maintaining the satisfaction of your customers. Join our galaxy!



Galaxy is full of stars and they all look similar down from Earth, all those glowing dots. But the truth is that they are all very unique – like your brand. If you come close to it, you’ll see all the majestic beauty, but not from too far away. Social media is a first line, where the customers come to know the brand and directly communicate with it. What impression you want them to get? You’ll fall in love in social media when you see us at work.



Design is still considered a part of the planet, but it developed into a special satellite. It’s a new area that’s constantly being improved with new areas being discovered. Design had to adopt these super quick changes and therefore we need to look at this area as a specialised one – social media design of content, posts, contests etc.



It's how we call a satellite star that jumps into the company of much bigger planets. It is small, but also impact full as its spirit is fresh & it wants to succeed. Imagine an original campaign going viral just because it’s well organised. That’s what we like to do.



What about design without the template? Universe does have the rules but only the basic ones. You’ll never know where the new supernova can explode. Does your product needs to pop out or be one of the glowing dots on the sky? We’re happy to make it the center of the universe.

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